Cincinnati Regional
Evansville Regional
Tronoto Nationals
Dayton/Columbus Regional
Central Ohio Summer Sectional
Close Tourneys for Unit 122 Members
Date Location Type of Points
Nov 7-11 Lousiville Regional Red/Gold
Dec 8-10 Dayton Sectional Silver Points
Dec 11-17 ROYAL STAC- At your local club 25% of Gold,Red,Silver,Black
Jan 3-7th Cleveland Regional Gold/Red
Jan 15-21 Indianapolis Regional Gold/Red
Jan 26-28th Columbus Sectional Silver

Types of Tournaments

Club Games
Awards Black Points
Awards Silver Points
Usually attracts members within the Unit
Sectionals at the Club (STACs)
Awards Silver Points
Games are played at the local club and are compare across participating clubs within the District
Awards Red/Gold Points
Attracts members within in the District
ACBL Nationals
National Rated Events award Platinum Points
Attracts members in the ACBL as well as international players
Three are held each year one in the Spring,Summer and Fall

Columbus Sectionals

2023 2022 2020 Earlier

Other Sectionals

Ohio D11 Dayton


GNT-2023 D11-F&Q NAP-2023 D11-F&Q


Ohio D11 D7 D12


2023 2024 2025 2026